Bill Burkett, Jim Keeffer, Rita & Denny Ballard, Frank Dolezal
This is a somewhat recent picture of some members of the Whitetail Bowmen, the club that built this range.  Formed in the mid 60's, they laid the foundation for what you see today.

The JCA Board of Directors
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President - Chris Hayes
Vice President -  Larry Krohn
Treasurer - Bob Randall
Secretary - Traci Heitzman
Operations - Frank Dolezal
Webmaster/Public Relations - Dan Heitzman
Safety - Vacant

Al Coblentz

The Johnson County Archers mission is to promote the challenge and protect the values of bowhunting, by educating hunters and non-hunters alike, by promoting fair chase, ethics and bowhunting skills by the example we set.  To encourage the use of the bow in hunting and archery as a sport that the whole family or simply the kids can enjoy the sport of archery under the guidance of experienced shooters.  To promote the spirit of good fellowship among all archers.
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